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ArtLiner™ introduction

ArtLiner™ is the brand of digital devices for micropigmentation that belongs to Beauty International Group (Canada, Australia, European Union). All machines are created and assembled with the greatest care in the European Union.

We offer:

  • digital professional equipment produced in accordance with European Union directives and harmonized standards which is approved by international permanent makeup Artists,
  • devices in modern shapes and varieties,
  • competitive conditions of cooperation,
  • professionalism and customer's satisfaction.

ArtLiner™ digital permanent make-up devices ensure best results possible, boosting the potential of high specialized and less-experienced operators as well.

The wide range of speeds, 12 work speeds, allows the operator the highest level of precision to work on an appropriately different areas of the face and body. The machines have an advanced full digital operation system which ensures quick and precise micropigmentation effect. An intelligent microprocessor controls speed and depth levels giving smooth and stable needle penetration also into the skin with differentiated structure. Microprocessor ensures also precise and equal introduction of micropigment into the skin, irrespective of treated area (face, body, scars) and eliminates the necessity of treatment's revise (pigmentation even thin lines does not need correction).

ArtLiner™ digital permanent make-up machines meet the highest health and medical hygiene standards. We propose only one-time-use needle modules (cartridges), completely sterilized and individually packaged to ensure the best safety level both for patient and operator.

Very silent and ergonomic handpiece (dermograph) as well as the features of the disposable modules allow a wide application spectrum of ArtLiner™ for all micropigmentation treatments types, from defining or drawing eyebrow pieces of hair, through lips and eyelids tattooing, to bio-tattooing and corrective pigmentation (scars retouch/camouflage).

This and much more makes ArtLiner™ a real jewel for national and international permanent make-up and medical make-up Artists.

Unique advantages of ArtLiner™

ArtLiner™ digital permanent make-up devices are probably the only one worldwide which are made with CORIAN®, an advanced composite of aluminium-tri-hydrate and acrylic (PMMA), the original solid surface material produced by DuPont™.

High thermal and chemical resilience, and also high durability and strength of CORIAN®, given its soft touch effect, ensure invariable cleanliness of the white and guarantee perfect, long-lasting investment, even during intensive use of the equipment

CORIAN® is an excellent choice for areas that must meet the most stringent regulatory standards:

  • CORIAN® has been certified by an independent laboratory as a hygienic material according to the international norm DIN EN ISO 846.
  • The hygienic performance of CORIAN® has also been certified by independent German organisation LGA QualiTest GmbH. A stringent range of tests assessing stability against bacteria and fungi, ease of cleaning and design rating from a hygiene standpoint, showed that CORIAN® was superior to many conventional materials used in healthcare.

Unique assets of ArtLiner™ thanks to CORIAN®

  • Outstanding aesthetes qualities
  • Aseptic and hygienic qualities
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergic
  • Prevents formation of bacteria and fungi
  • Easy to disinfect and non-porous
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintenance
  • Soft and warm to touch (effect "soft touch")
  • Durable and resistant to intensive use
  • Good thermal and chemical resistance
  • Excellent long-term investment
  • Creates more pleasant and efficient working environment

Attractive and elegant ArtLiner™ devices for micropigmentation will improve the image of you beauty salon by creating safe, professional and efficient working area.

We invite you to cooperation!
ArtLiner™ Beauty International Group

Information about CORIAN® comes from marketing materials of DuPont™.