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Artliner™ | Premium

Standard equipment

  • Machine
  • Dermograph
  • Biostimulative laser
  • Cooling handpiece (cryotherapy)
  • Detector
  • Foot pedal

Biostimulation therapeutic effects

  • Prevents from ulcerations and inflammatory states
  • Reduces post-traumatic swelling by improving microcirculation
  • Strongly reduces the possibility of herpes (lips treatment)
  • Accelerates tissue regeneration and healing
  • Removes redness and irritations

Cooling handpiece activity

  • Alternative and/or support for cosmetic anesthesia
  • Reduces pain and swellings
  • Can be used on all skin areas


  • Pure white light helps to control the depth of pigment absorption in lips area


  • Speed control: 60-170 punctures per second
  • Depth 0-1mm (regulated) exact to 0,05mm (1 rotation = 1mm)
  • Recurrence: 0,01mm
  • Modules configuration: 1-9 needles (round, flat, sloped, magnum)

Technical specification:

  • Electronically controlled panel with microprocessor
  • Comfortable 5” touch screen display board
  • Pre-set programs for eyeliner, eyebrow, lips, areola and micro-needle mesotherapy
  • Lightweight (54g), quiet running, no heating dermograph without plastic items inside
  • Maximum reduced vibration symptoms
  • Constant needle frequency
  • Continuously adjustable depth of pigment implantation
  • Easy module connecting system in the dermograph
  • Quick module and color exchange system
  • Operation controlled by foot pedal
  • Enclosure's profile:
    • natural-colored anodized aluminum (Al Mg Si 0.5)
    • side lid: ABS graphite grey (similar to RAL 7024)
  • Plug: European / British
  • Input: 230V AC 50Hz
  • English manual
  • Warranty: 24 months